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Ottoman originate from the French word ‘’ottomane’’ traces, its roots to furnishing practices in the Ottoman Empire. Where it was the central piece of residential seating. Generally designed as a low wooden platform intended to be piled with cushions. 

Furthermore, It was first designed as sectional furniture that wrapped around three walls of a room. Before evolving into smaller versions that fit into the corner of a room. Or circular padded seats surrounding a column or pole in a public room.

Above all, we are a renowned ottoman hire in Johannesburg service provider because of our exceptional experience in organizing events of all scale.

Moreover, we have made a mark in the hospitality industry for providing unique and upscale Ottoman / furniture with all accompanying accessories and design flare.

Event Ottoman hire in Johannesburg

In addition, our service strength and creativity makes us stand out in the corporate world as the go to company for all Ottoman /lounger rental in Johannesburg.

In fact, we are flexible and willing to assist clients regardless of their project size. Hence event type and our innovative approach coupled with our expansive inventory makes us the go-to sofa hire services that many companies in different industries can rely on.

In addition to the above, our ottoman’s are made from the best materials that give comfort. As well as adding a sensation to your opulent event / occasion. Our main colour is white, but we have other colours and shapes you can choose from that allows your guests to relax and enjoy the

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