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Event Stretch tents hire in Johannesburg

The freedom of hosting an event anywhere. In fact the engineering and architecture to make it beautiful. Again style and function combine to provide shelter from the elements with quick setup and options for parties of any size. Not only but also single tents available for smaller events; link tents together to create large canopies for your guests.

In addition, EventsPeeps Hire provides 360-degree views as well as sheltering events at private homes, gardens, beaches, country clubs, open fields, as well as pools throughout Johannesburg , Gauteng, Cape town and Durban. Furthermore, an elegant event begins with a EventsPeeps stretch tents hire in Johannesburg. Contact us for a private consultation. We’re excited to begin the journey with you.

Our Stretch Tents 

Above all, our stretch tents hire in Johannesburg are very flexible, waterproof fabric structure that can be rigged in an endless variety of shapes. Again our stretch tent / marquees provides a versatile alternative to any traditional marquee or outdoor event tent. Not only that but also with standard sized options available along with custom tents in any shape or size. up to (20m x 30m) in size and modular solutions to cover even the largest event in the whole of Johannesburg.

Furthermore, the tents are made from an extremely strong and 4 way stretch fabric specifically for this application. Most importantly, our stretch marquee fabric is an incredibly strong nylon filament fabric with a 100% waterproof polymeric PU coating applied to both sides.

Above all, our stretch tents meet a specific local and international fire, structural and safety standards. In addition, our stretch tent fabric is not only incredibly strong but contains built-in fire retardant, UV stabilisers and anti-bacterial treatment. 

A major advantage over traditional marquees and event coverings is the flexibility and ease of installation of the Stretch tents.


event stretch tents hire Johannesburg
event stretch tents hire Johannesburg
Event Umbrella Hire Johannesburg
event stretch tents hire Johannesburg

EventsPeeps Hire Stretch tents can be pitched comparatively quickly by fewer people, with less impact on the venue, and customised to suit the clients requirements and site. Reinvention of a space is as simple as moving and adjusting some poles. They are lighter and less bulky than alternative tents and therefore easier to transport, store and install

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