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Whatever the Event or the occasion may be, We have a Stretch Tent made from a world class materials that can withstand any environmental and also meet your need.

We have Stretch Tent that can accommodate 1 to 50 people, 50 to 100 people, 100 to 150 people,150 to 200 people,200 to 300 people, 300 to 400 people, 400 to 500 people etc. Our Stretch Tents can be pitch on a slope or on a deck of a boat, around a tree or over a pool or on rooftop.

Sun, wind or rain, our Tent will protect you and your love ones. About fire retardant, our Stretch Tents conform to International Fire Regulations and are Waterproof. Should you need Umbrellas for your special occasion, look no further, We have a variety of beautiful and quality Umbrellas you can choose from.

EventsPeeds Hire transform regular events into ‘’Spectacular Occasions.

Stretch Tents offer an enormous range of marquees, a full rigging service before the event and a breakdown service after. In short, Stretch Tents are committed to the success of all our client’s functions, whether they are big events or a small party.

The number one choice of event professional is the versatile fabric stretch tent. These structures are loved for their flexibility, options, and high-quality.

The stretch tent can be designed to accommodate all your needs, from branding to size to venue specific nuisances. From standard to custom, you’ll find what you need with our stretch tents.
The flexible and specially designed fabric can be rigged in an endless variety of shapes. With tents available you’ll certainly find what you need. Even the largest of venues is accommodated by joining multiple Tents together to create the perfect configuration

Because of the incredible stretch in our stretch tents range, they create designs & configurations that are guaranteed to draw a crowd wherever you set it up. These would suit perfectly for any occasional events that require the amazing look of our modern freeform stretch tent provides such as extraordinary events, Birthday / Wedding Celebration, function, private parties, etc.
We are the best in the business! Party and event planners, party hire companies, large and Small brand names have come to us to help them create a big-time stir with their outdoor/indoor events, in the knowledge that we offer the following:

QUALITY- Our innovative workmanship ensures that Stretch Tents are designed to offer longevity and strength. Our flagship stretch tent fabric was engineered specifically for our Tents and is the only fabric on the market which guarantees 4 ways stretch, 100% waterproofing, built-in fire retardants, UV stabilizers and anti-bacterial treatment.

DESIGNS- Need something that is truly unique and eye-catching? We have an array of standard sizes, shapes and colours however we always have exclusively design Stretch Tent that meets your specific event needs. With their extensive years of experience, our design team understands the need each customer must stand out! They can create almost anything out of our exclusive fabrics to suit your event and promotional needs. We have assisted many well-known clients , making certain their brands are noticed at events!

MODULAR- No matter where one of our stretch tents are set up, you can bet they always draw a crowd. Add lights, stretch event architecture and inflatable structures to any of our stretch tents and you’ve got a combination that will instantly take your event to the next level.

When people attend events, they don’t think about things like safety – they expect that the organisers already have it. So it’s an important part of your responsibility in hosting an event.


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