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Contact us now +27 81 504 0651 | +27 73 290 8332


Contact us now +27 81 504 0651 | +27 73 290 8332

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Contact us now +27 81 504 0651 | +27 73 290 8332

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Welcome to EventsPeeps Hire

EventsPeeps Hire is a professional event company that provide hiring of Quality Stretch Tents, Couches, Otoman’s , Umbrellas , Coffee tables, Cocktail Chairs and cocktail tables.

As an all-encompassing event company, our expansive list of services includes end-to-end Events, Weddings, Stretch tents Set-up, Year-end functions, Birthday & private parties, Baby & Bridal showers, Event Planning, Events Co-ordination, promos, Team building, Cocktail parties, Tradeshows, corporate events, Conferences, Anniversaries, Outdoor events, Product lunches, Banquets, House parties, Sporting Event, Meetings, Staged Event, Themed party, fashion show, charity function etc. Our service areas are Gauteng, Johannesburg, Soweto, Vereeniging, Pretoria, Rustenburg and it is surrounding areas. We are extending our services to Cape town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Polokwane.

EventsPeeps Hire has emerged as one of the leading event companies in Johannesburg with capabilities to transform events, be it corporate or weddings, into experiences and unforgettable moments that entertain, communicate and inspire. Aided by our passion for creative visions, we understand how the right styling, theming and entertainment can enhance the ambiance, evoke inspiration and contribute to the overall success of an event – every bit as much as good organisation and planning contributes to its smooth operation.

EventsPeeps Hire continues to stay at the top of our industry, because we stay ahead of the curve, we are consistent and always creative. We understand that every event is different, every client comes with a different story and their own direction. Understanding the “why” is important, so we can create the “how”. Our team comprises of specialists in event management, event logistics, styling and wedding planning. The story begins the moment you walk into our showroom. Whether it be a simple chair selection, a decision on venue, or how to manage difficult access on a remote event site, our team will work with you to make it happen. We pride ourselves on providing the complete package and we don’t miss a beat. We work hard on the excellent details, so your event runs smoothly, on time and on budget.

It’s our role to understand your business, brand, budget and event management needs – then exceed your expectations. We can work with you to holistically manage every element of your event from A to Z.  Or you can select the services you specifically need to compliment your own in-house event management resources.  We pride ourselves on being fully flexible and we are happy to tailor our services to suit your event needs. Before commencing work, we will organise a briefing meeting with you to establish your goals and objectives of your event as well as discussing in detail the services you require.  We will then consult with you every step of the way, to create the very best and most engaging event possible.


We will make sure your event receives the professional support it requires

‘’We Make Things Happen, all you need to do is enjoy the party



Our Services


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Whatever the Event or the occasion may be, Our Stretch Tent made from a world class materials that can withstand any environmental and also meet your need.
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A couch also known as a sofa or settee is a piece of furniture for seating one, two or three people in the form of a bench with armrests, which is partially or
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The ottoman originate from the French word ‘’ottomane’’ traces its roots to furnishing practices in the Ottoman Empire, where it was the central piece of residential
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Whatever ‘’EVENTS’’ you are organising that requires Coffee table, Cocktail Chairs and Cocktail table, At EventsPeeds Hire, you will get several options to choose from
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